(Peacock eye make up, Handome peacock, peacock feather earrings, and peacock candle)

Hello everyone, once again it's time for the "Friday Spotlight"(which is a day late sorry). Today i wanted to showcase one of my favorite birds, the Peacock.Known for it's pretty feathers, it's turquoise blue green hue and it's mystical dance, the peacock is said to be on of the most beautiful birds in the world.More and more I've seen peacocks (or feathers) everywhere; on maxi dress, on tops, earrings, bangles, shoes just to name a few.The peacock can be paired with many looks, whether it's a bohemian look, urban, Gothic or even classic, there's something for everyone.A pair of peacock earrings are a fabulous way to bring out a new hair style.pair a peacock maxi dress with some pretty gold sandals. Grab a peacock bangle a pair it with a few Indian bangles.
Peacock eye make up can be sexy if done right. You can line your eyes with a pretty peacock colored pencil, i recommend Milani Color Brilliance pencil in "Aqua". http://www.miliancosmetics.com/ or you can find them at your local CVS, Target or Wal-greens. to obtain peacock colored eyes (see look above) I recommend a make line called Lime Crime makeup. Lime crime has an array of pigments and glitters in peacock style colors. www.limecrimemakeup.com . Using gold as a base, blend green and blue eyeshadow on your lids below the brow bone.Add gold to your the inner corners of your eye (yellow can be used as a base and in the inner corners).
While on my expedition for more peacock things, I've ran across a pretty peacock candle. www.navyburr.com .For only $7.00 you can order this pretty candle (see above picture) and give it as a gift or place it in your home for all you're friends to see!!
One of the best peacock dresses I've ever seen is one by Giovanni(above).Sadly i couldn't locate Giovanni's site but you can google it and find sister companies that carry the dress.
peacock bangles and earrings aren't hard to find. I've seen a few in Forever 21 stores. www.forever21.com . while i haven't seen anymore on the site, I've seen several in the stores. Claires is another store that carries peacock bangles and earrings.www.claires.com. On Ebay you can choose from a variety of sellers and feather earring and bangle styles. www.ebay.com .
The peacock has such pretty plumage that i can't imagine what life for us would be without it, with such pretty jewelry clothes, and eyemakeup it's a wonder that we don't keep them as pets. However, conseravtion of this beautiful bird is on top of my list, please take time to visit http://www.wild-india.com/IndianAnimals/peacock.html to learn more information about peacocks and conservation efforts.

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