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Hello everyone, it's time for "spotlight Fridays".Every Friday i will showcase an item and relate it to skincare, body care, health or well being. Today's "spotlight" is the Quince. The quince is a lesser known fruit to some, but a skin care marvel to many! A close cousin to the apple, the quince is packed with vitamin c and antioxidants that are both good for your body and you're skin! Here are some more wonderful facts about the quince.

Preparation, uses, and tips:

Almost anything that can be done with apples can be done with quinces. They need a similar length of cooking time and are delicious stewed, baked, and made into fruit butter. When baking with quinces, add sugar only after they become soft and the flesh starts to change in color from white to pink.
Quince around the world

Quince paste is still widely made in France (contignac) and Spain (membrilo), while a quince spread (dulce do membrilo) is made in Argentina and Chile.
Moroccan cuisine incorporates quinces in its flavorful tagines, stew-like combinations of meats and dried fruits often spiced with cinnamon and cloves.
Cutting, peeling, and coring quince
Peel quince before using it in jams, preserves, desserts, and savory dishes. Since quince is such a hard fruit, be sure to use a large, firm chef’s knife to cut it into halves, quarters, or slices. Peeling works well with a vegetable peeler or a small paring knife. Remove the core with a small, firm paring knife.
Quince “sauce"

Quince makes an excellent fruit sauce similar to applesauce. To prepare, peel a few quinces, slice them, and remove the seeds. Cook them in a small amount of water with plenty of sweetener of choice until they reach a pulpy consistency like applesauce. Mash or puree in a food processor and serve.

Buying and storing tips
Choose quinces that are firm with a pale yellow skin. Sometimes quinces are mottled with brown spots, but such markings do not affect their flavor or quality. Quinces that are shriveled, soft, or brown all over are no longer fresh. Since they bruise easily, quinces must be handled carefully.
If quinces are not completely ripened, store them at room temperature until they are yellow all over and give off a pleasant scent.
If you do not plan on using ripe quinces immediately, they can be wrapped in a plastic bag and stored in the refrigerator for up to two months. Be sure to store quinces apart from apples and pears because their powerful aroma may permeate these other fruits.

Pineapple quince
With a flavor that resembles its tropical namesake, the pineapple quince from California is the most common variety available in the United States. Like most varieties of quince, it is hard and tart, so it is primarily used for cooking.
Apple quince
A sweeter variety of quince, called the apple quince, was developed in the 1990s. Unlike most quinces, this variety can be enjoyed raw.

Nutrition Highlights
Quince, 1 fruit (92g)Calories: 52Protein: 0.37gCarbohydrate: 14.08gTotal fat: 0.09gFiber: 1.7g*Excellent source of: Vitamin C(13.8mg)
*Foods that are an “excellent source” of a particular nutrient provide 20% or more of the Recommended Daily Value, based upon United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines. Foods that are a “good source” of a particular nutrient provide between 10 and 20% of the USDA Recommended Daily Value. Nutritional information and daily nutritional guidelines may vary in different countries. Please consult the appropriate organization in your country for specific nutritional values and the recommended daily guidelines.
Quinces in skincare:
So far, I located two companies that have Quinces in their products.For facial and body care you should try "Dr.Hauschka".These quince products are said to deliver moisture to thirsty skin without clogging pores. A friend of mines who lives in a dry climate, told me she has been using the quince line for a few weeks and says her skin has a soft subtle glow and feels much softer.She says the prices are within her budget and the products lasts for awhile.i personally haven't used this line, but i would love to get feedback from some of my readers.So please feel free to send me a few comments if you have tried this brand. http://www.drhauschka.com/ .
relaxing to an at home facial mask/masque is one of my favorite past times.So using "Eminence's Quince Apple masque or Quince & Ice Wine Masque are a real treat.I prefer the Quince Apple masque for my dry skin, but if you are oily to normal, the Quince& Ice Wine is perfect for you. Here is some much needed information about both masques:
Quince and Ice Wine Masque:
Description: Toning and Nourishing
Key Ingredients: • Tokay Grapes (Juice and Pulp): Antioxidant ripe with polyphenols, which fortifies, tones and restores dynamism to the skin. • Quince Apple (Juice and Pulp): Antioxidant, anti-irritant. Supplies Vitamin E, purifies and soothes irritation due to dry skin, helps reduce sebum saturation. • Honey: Moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Acts as a mild antiseptic • Seabuckthorn Berry: Vitamin and nutrient rich. Protects skin cell membrane. • Echinacea: anti-inflammatory antioxidant and antiseptic. • Jojoba Oil: nourishing and hydrating with one of the best absorption rates.
Quince Apple Masque:
Description: Toning & Nourishing
Key Ingredients: • Quince Apple: Vitamin E, purifies and soothes irritated skin due to dryness, helps reduce sebum saturation • Honey: moisturizes and nourishes the skin • Biocomplex™: functions as an antioxidant booster of Vitamin A, Vitamin C Ester, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoic Acid.
find out more at http://www.eminenceorganics.com/ you will have to contact customer service for a site or store near you.
I hope you have enjoyed my very first "spotlight".Tune in next friday to see what i will spotlight next.Until then make some Qunice sauce or enjoy a Qunice masque.

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