(Zuma Beach California, said to be a very spirtual place)

I spend so much time talking about beauty, skincare, and many other things that deal with the external, that i sometimes forget that about the internal. You can have all the pretty clothes, hair, makeup, etc, but if your mind and soul isn't the right place, then it's useless. Having piece of mind is priceless. POM is like a treasure that everyone should seek, sadly so few have. POM can make a difference in our heath, our relationships, our marriage, our jobs, and in all aspects of our lives.Once you have attained POM, everything else seems to just fall in place. I'm not going to sit here and talk about certain religious faiths, or any specific dogmas in order to obtain POM, because i feel as though that would limit my words to such a small perspective . Where can we find peace? it's not hard to find, matter of fact it's closer to you then you think, Sometimes it can be found in small places we never think to look, or places as big as the ocean.

lately I've been struggling with my own problems.Many unresolved issues i have from the past are starting to resurface and I'm looking for a way to cope with them.what i found was that the answer to my issues where always inside of me, hidden in the depths of my soul and deep within the dunes of my mind. Once i began to understand the source of my unhappiness or the source of my anger rather, i knew that it was important for me to feel what i was feeling. allowing myself to claim my anger was the first step to healing. in many instances in my life i was taught that suppressing or " just getting over it" was the answer to my troubles, but once i took time to feel what i was feeling and understand why i was feeling it. i felt so much better.

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