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yes, i posted it, "Jungle Body" may be downright derogatory, but trust me if you have one there's nothing to be ashamed of (i have one lol). In one of my previous postings, i spoke of how black women's beauty isn't recognized so it's up to us to put ourselves on a pedestal.contrary to popular beliefs, we do in fact have some badd assss shapes. i mean the kind that many woman envy and many men ( secretly) desire. i guess a part of me understands why the mainstream world has fought so hard to suppress our beauty because when it all boils down; " WE DA SHITTTT!!"ahem...*cough* pardon me, i got carried away.
in order to take care of your " jungle body" , you need to do cardio 7x a week and increase your fruit and veggie intake by 60% (or more), and do toning exercises. cardio should be done everyday, but interval training or a strong cardio workout should only be done 3 times a week. pilates, yoga, kickboxing,dancing, ballet are all good ways to tone your body. now i like weights but i know some women who don't like to bulk up, using light weights and high reps are a great way to tone up without getting bulky.stretching before and after you workouts is the key.
a diet high in fruits, veggies and lean proteins (beans too) are good for you. tropical fruits are my personal favorites.i strongly suggest a Caribbean diet or a modified "creole" diet to achieve healthiness. it's important to take care of yourself, not just so you can look good and fit in some jeans but to be healthy and live a long healthy life.

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