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hissssss.. The word " snake" can strike fear in some and mysticism and fascination in others. Pre-Christianity, snakes were revered and represented the feminine, luck, love, power and many other positive things. Sadly, the world has changed it's perspective on snakes. driven by fear ( and religious fanatics), the snake has been reduced to a venomous demon. So today i will restores the snakes reputation and uplift it back to it's original glorious status.

in regards to fashion, the snake has made the world stand still. From bangles, to dresses, the snake stands alone in being a timeless aspect in the fashion world.

the dress; nothing says " sexy" like a bad ass snake dress. when couples with the right shoes, and jewelry, the snake dress is bound to make everyone in the room, "hiss". For me "Sky Brand" clothing seems to the concept of snake clothing mastered. Sky has an array of snake tops and dresses with snake detail, charms, and embellishments, for a fairly pricey price. Snake dresses look good with mimimal jewelry and "not so flashy" shoes, since the main focus is the dress, i suggest playing down everything so that the dress can be played up.!! you can always go to ebay or google to find Sky Brand clothing , otherwise check out, http://www.sky-clothing.com/Sky_dress_links.html for links on where to get Sky brand.

the bag: snake purses and cluthes are the must have for every season.Fashionably speaking, purses are easiest to find, it just depends upon your price range. when wearing a snake purse or bag i recommend wearing it when u have plain clothes on and want your bag to stand out. your stripped shirt or sequin blouse would not do a snake purse justice, it would only make u look busy and chaotic, unless of course that's the look that you desire. pair a snake clutch or purse with a sexy sweater and jeans, or a simple black dress for a night out, keep things minimal so you purse can steal the show. now if your one for having prints on and still want a snake purse, i suggest keeping the purse neutral with a more natural look, so it won't clash with your outfit or shoes, i.e cream, light brown, tan, dark brown, or black etc. that way your clothes look sexy and your purse look complementary. in terms of where to buy, Ross, Tj maxx, AJ Wright, and Marshalls all have snake purses for a reasonable price. you can always find a nice guess snake purse
http://www.guess.com/ or at macy's. Ebay carries an array of snake purses and clutches from name brand right on down to the less pricey.

Shoes; well i have to admit, snake shoes are the sexiest of them all. if you can find a pair with an actual snake charm on it.. omg!! I'm lost for words. snakeskin printed shoes are everywhere, my favorite is micheal antonio, his brand seems to have the snake pumps and sandals "down packed". you can wear snake pumps with jeans or at the office,or snake sandals with dresses, or a jumpsuit it's all up to you. since snake shoes are everywhere, there's no sense in my trying to give you numerous links for them. Google, ebay,
http://www.michaelantonio.com/ just to name a few and you will find all the snake sandals you need.

I forgot to mention snake printed swimsuits, simply because it's fall and the thought literally slipped my mind. Unless you live in the tropics this information might be unless to you this time of year, however we can still talk about it. As far as bikinis go, I've always felt the snake was the sexiest, it's something about animal print swimwear when done correctly that brings out the best in any skin complexion.i must confess that i can't stand nude,flesh colored swimsuit and in some cases snake prints are always just that.for all my chocolate, honey complexed readers those colors make you look flawless, as for me I'd rather go neon snake lol.. but anyways, at a pool party,dress your snake bikini up with some sexy gold jewelry, if it's a monokini, pair it with some gold necklaces and bangles, if it's a two piece a gold belly chain and bangles would do just fine, if you wear a necklace then have on a thin gold one. again, Google, ebay, and just about any other search engine with help you find snake swimwear.Most of the swimwear brands i highly recommend aren't using snake print this year so you will have to find it on your own. however "Aguaclara" has a snake printed bikini line called "Sierra Leon", so check it out.

well there you have it, the wonderful snake that once represented, kundanlini( google it), the symbol of life and death, the turner of time, the absolution of power and many other spiritual things can now be gracefully reborn in fashion.we can combat it's negative association by wearing our snakes with pride, love, sex appeal or just plain fun, in hopes that the snake's throne can be reclaimed, and it's true meaning restored.

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