(swimwear from Aguaclara,Ondedamar,Agua Bendita)

there's a spark of magic in South America. Aside from it's pretty waters, waterfull, beautiful rain forests, and beautiful people, South America has a well hidden secret; it's swimwear!! I came across these South American swimsuits and was totally blown out the water.Words or pictures can't describe the beauty, the creativity, the fabulous prints and colors their swimsuits have. I'd like to point out 3 major swimwear companies. Ondademar,Aguaclara, Aqua Bendita all of which have fabulous swimsuits.

Ondademar is up first. Ondademar is a swimwear company from Colombia who's name means " wave/ripple of the ocean". what I like about this company is that their suits are elegant sexy, they have some very exotically style suits for different body shapes and sizes. There colors are soft, yet vibrant and complement dark skin (yay!!). (see black multi colored suit towards the bottom middle) I had the pleasure of speaking to a Ondademar working on facebook and she/he was so nice, they answered my questions honestly and gave me information regarding suits and where I can find them in my home town. I have to give Ondadmar thumbs up and definitely recommend them to everyone I know. so please take some time and check out their site..(hint* they have having a sale going on..)

When it comes to zany, colorful and wild swimwear I have no choice but to point in Agua bendita's direction.( the top two bikinis on the top and top right) This Colombian company which means " water blessed" is truly a blessing. If you are the type of woman who likes bright vibrant and just plain outlandish , then Bendita is defiantly for you. They have some of the most distinct styles I've ever seen, matter of fact I can't even describe their style. hmm let me try, combine gypsy, bohemian, Caribbean,bright, floral,insane, loud( just to name a few) and you will get Bendita.It's kinda reminisced of Betsy Johnson's edgy fashion. while I haven't had the luxury of speaking to any of the Bendita members , I will say that I'm impress with their style and fashion sense. Aside from swimsuits, you can purchase many of their accessories, and jewelry. Let's not forget these suits are chocolate,caramel, honey brown, yellow and "everything in between friendly". http://www.aguabendita.com.co/

last but not least is Agua Clara.Now I confess Aqua clara is one of my favorites ( animal prints suits and green suit above left and middle).Straight from Peru. Agua Clara has some of the sexiest animal prints and exotic styles I've ever seen. Aqua Clara, which means " clear water" has something for everyone. My first experience with Clara was a blue/brown snake bikini that was given as a gift and it was the most exotic print and colors I've ever seen. since then, I've been following Clara's collections and to my viewing pleasure have seen many African inspired animal prints,embellishments, sexy shells, very distinct swimsuit styles and all the exactness that i can handle( all darker skin friendly!!!). Clara makes u want to work two jobs so u can support your shopping habits.If you want to look like a model in a magazine then i strongly suggest Clara, because no one on the beach will have your suit, nor will anyone on the beach look as sexy as you. I also had the liberty of speaking with a Clara rep and he too was nice, helpful and even asked my first name so he could talk to me on a more "personal" level. He told me that anytime i had any questions to call him and he would take care of me. With that being said Clara has a costumer for life. http://www.aguaclara-swimwear.com/

that sums it up for South America(for now). All I can say is save your money, these suits aren't cheap. They run $100 us and up, but it's well worth having a suit that's well stitched, destined, colorful , and complementary to your skin tone.

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