(water falls in Uganda/Rawanda. river in the Congo, beautiful African Rainforest/Jungle in the Congo)

Ever since Black people have been brought to the western hemisphere, the world "jungle" has always had a negative association. "Jungle Bunnies", "Jungle Babies" just to name a few have been words use to negatively describe people of African decent or anyone else indigenous to the rainforest. The people who begin using these negative "nicknames" were oblivious to the fact that the jungle is one of the most "beautiful Biomes in the world"!!!! With it's moist air, fruit bearing trees, dynamic flora and funa(flowers and wildlife) brightly colored birds,summer rains and beautiful waters (both ocean and fresh water), the rainforests of the world provide us with some of the most benefitical ingredients for health, beauty and medicine. I take care great pride in knowing that my ancestry is deeply rooted in such a marvelous place, and hopefully you do too. There's no shame in being a descendant of "paradise".
my new few posts will be about the jungle/rainforest and how we can benefit from it.

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