(top two photos, figueroa hotel in Los Angeles, Morrocan fountains)

Everyone who knows me, knows that i'm a fan of the exotic. Anything different and beautiful is bound to catch my eye at some point. I have this "radar" to zooms in on things that i find interesting or things i want to possess lol.
I was in a jewelery store selling some of my old gold, when i picked up a magazine about downtown Los Angeles. Inside the magazine was a listing of hotels, restaurants and things to do. I was just about to put the magazine down when " lo and behold", the Figueroa Hotel's lobby picture jumped right off the page. Looking like a Moroccan palace, the Fig Hotel was just begging me to go and visit. And since the Fig was down the street from the jewelery store, i just took a quick ride down to it.
.The hotel looked like any other hotel in l.a from the outside, but once inside i was competely "blown away". Ever inch of the hotel looked like i just stepped in Cashba. I was most impressed with the rooms.There are custom rooms that have different Moroccan themes, there are even lounges and rooms for events that have different themes as well. sigh** it's such a romantic place. The Fig reminds me of " Old Hollywood". see for yourself.

Eartha Kitt (January 17,1927 - December 25,2008

no other woman has inspired me like Eartha Kitt. Her sultry style and feminism showed the world how sexy Black Women really are. Eartha was sexy never trashy and she carried herself like a queen.She was a multi-talented singer, dancer and actress. From Catwoman to " Santa baby", Eartha won the hearts of many.
Eartha you will be greatly missed, you truly are a legend.