(top two photos, figueroa hotel in Los Angeles, Morrocan fountains)

Everyone who knows me, knows that i'm a fan of the exotic. Anything different and beautiful is bound to catch my eye at some point. I have this "radar" to zooms in on things that i find interesting or things i want to possess lol.
I was in a jewelery store selling some of my old gold, when i picked up a magazine about downtown Los Angeles. Inside the magazine was a listing of hotels, restaurants and things to do. I was just about to put the magazine down when " lo and behold", the Figueroa Hotel's lobby picture jumped right off the page. Looking like a Moroccan palace, the Fig Hotel was just begging me to go and visit. And since the Fig was down the street from the jewelery store, i just took a quick ride down to it.
.The hotel looked like any other hotel in l.a from the outside, but once inside i was competely "blown away". Ever inch of the hotel looked like i just stepped in Cashba. I was most impressed with the rooms.There are custom rooms that have different Moroccan themes, there are even lounges and rooms for events that have different themes as well. sigh** it's such a romantic place. The Fig reminds me of " Old Hollywood". see for yourself.