(there goes that cookie in his hand)
(this picture is my favorite) 

 I was coming down the stairs when I happened to notice how fabulously styled my little brother Von is. When it comes to shopping he's always been a 5mins-in-5mins-out of the store kind of guy,  so I've never paid much attention to his fashion sense (or him for that matter). After taking this picture of him and my Chihuahua, I figured that he and I should talk. So I sat down with and asked him a few questions:

Me: "So, Von, how would you describe your style?"

Von: " uh...Urban."

Me: "What's your favorite place to shop?"

Von: "Ross, Marshall's, DD's Discount and TJ Maxx."

Me: "What's your favorite cologne?"

Von: "Ed Hardy."

Me:  "What's your skin care regimen?"

Von: "I use Dudu Oshun African black soap on my face, I moisturize my face and body with coconut oil, or when I'm in your bathroom, I use your Aveeno Pads, your moisturizer and your shea/cocoa butter."

Me: [gasp] "What?!"

Von: [giggles]

Me: "So what fashion trends do you dislike?"

Von: "On girls I hate high-waisted  pants. It makes them look like they are coming from a nursing home. I hate uggs. Sometimes I've seen girls wear both...ugh. On boys, I hate sagging pants, skinny jeans and those Diamond Supply Co. shirts.

Me: "What are your hobbies?"

Von: "Video games, swimming, hanging with friends."

Me: "So, what do you want to do in the future?"

Von: "I want to travel, learn to drive, learn to scuba dive."

Me: "What do you want to do when you grow up?"

Von: "I want to design video games and to be a CG designer."

As much as I love him and his preppy Urban style, I'm still in shock about him using my skincare products. Oh well. He may be pesky and gets on my last nerve, but he's still my best buddy.

(freshly cut Mohawk) 
(she just wanted to lay on the couch) 
(he'"s kinda cute) 
(him with his best friends)
(what'"s up with that grin?) 
(he looks a lot like me) 

(love the nails and sweater)

 So Lucky Magazine did an editorial called " Who Says You Can't Wear Color to The Office?" back in January of 2013 and it was sooo cutesy. The whole premise of this editoral is to show women ways to wear colors to in a professional atmosphere. For some odd reason, bright colors seem to get a back reputation here in America. How many times have you shifted through dull colors in stores looking for spring/summer brights? For me, I can tell you how I almost had a nervous breakdown because I couldn't find any bright nail polish at my local stores and had to go downtown to the nail outlets just to find neon polish (let's not even discuss the gas money i spent for some $1polish). My friends were complaining about not finding brightly colored dresses until they are well past season in a discount store. So what gives?

  I've been told by an educator that "studies shows that people don't trust people who wear bright colors". *yawn** we all know that the aversion to bright colors can be attributed to culture.  In places like Africa, Latin America, The Caribbean, Tropical Asia, Aboriginal Australia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Polynesian Island etc .. bright colors play an important part in fabrics, weddings, art, decor, architecture, performing arts, etc ..Hell some of the fruit and food are brightly colored in these countries!!! In many cultures bright colors aren't seen as a trend or something to go in and out of style, no.. bright colors are a part of life and don't indicate a person's character, but rather display a persons cultural pride or fashion sense. Let's not forget how well bright colors look on yellow, red brown, black and darker skin tones.

I honestly don't care what people think, I find bright colors to be sexy and I encourage all sisters to incorporate brights into their wardrobe (some of you already have). I remember an African woman who's seen me frequent the mall, pulled me aside and tell me that dark colors were pretty but bright colors complement my skin color, lift my spirits and change the energy that I was projecting. She went on to talk about African heritage and how important is was for Black Americans to expand out knowledge of ourselves beyond the Western world. I strongly agree, but tradional business attire and bright colors don't mix... until now. So let's take a look shall we? 

(her nails and that clutch!!)

(I'm feeling this)

(the skirt and the boots are calling me)

(neon green!!)

(she rocking it!!)

(vintage swag)

(watermelon chic)

(girl give me them shoes)

(I normally stay away from stripes but she killing it in this)

(photo credits)

                  So ladies what do you think? Would you wear bright colors to work? 

(the Cuff)

In Honor of MLK day, the Bohemian clothing company Free People did an editioral photoshoot that knocked me right off my Bohemian high horse (I hit the ground hard too)!!!!! what's not to love about these pictures? the curls, the skirts, the jewelry, the Moroccan decor, the sepia lighting, the purty black chick, i mean Free People did that!!! I ran across a blog post that asked " where are the Black Bohemian girls?, welllll we can look here at this bad azzz photoshoot and draw inspiration. 

(so free and airy)

(omg the Skirt!!)

(did I mention this bad azz skirt?)

(spring is calling)

(keep the car running, i want to snag that pillow she's on)

(can you say sexy?)


(free spirit)

(earth Goddess)


(perfect for lounging at the pool)

(Yemaya, Queen of the Sea)

(daishiki on fire)

(seductive and classy) 

(Black girls rock!!!!)

I'm still trying to catch my breath looking at such lovley and tastefully done pictures. I've surmised that while I love the creativity in this photoshoot, Free People should use more black models for their shoots and not until MLK day to do so. This photoshoot is proof that black women are just as sexy, diverse and feminine as everyone else. We live in a very diverse world and blonde doesn't go with everything, so why do companies continue to limit themsevles and bombard us with the same type of 
models? I doubt if I will ever get an answer, but what I do know is that now is the time for US to do our own photoshoots and stop waiting for others to represent us in our true forms. These pictures are lovely and I will continue to marvel over them for  months to come. Damn, if only they could have added a pretty dark skin girl to this shoot. Sigh** oh well,
one can only dream. For shopping and where to buy these clothes go to www.freepeople.com 

6:15 PM

(African Malachite)
(swirly African Malachite)

(rainforest chic)

(I've never been an Emerald fan but i like Emerald cut gemstones like this one)

(it's so cute)

(imagine wearing this glitter shadow to the club)

(this picture is so fairyesque.. is that a word?)

12:02 AM