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In Honor of MLK day, the Bohemian clothing company Free People did an editioral photoshoot that knocked me right off my Bohemian high horse (I hit the ground hard too)!!!!! what's not to love about these pictures? the curls, the skirts, the jewelry, the Moroccan decor, the sepia lighting, the purty black chick, i mean Free People did that!!! I ran across a blog post that asked " where are the Black Bohemian girls?, welllll we can look here at this bad azzz photoshoot and draw inspiration. 

(so free and airy)

(omg the Skirt!!)

(did I mention this bad azz skirt?)

(spring is calling)

(keep the car running, i want to snag that pillow she's on)

(can you say sexy?)


(free spirit)

(earth Goddess)


(perfect for lounging at the pool)

(Yemaya, Queen of the Sea)

(daishiki on fire)

(seductive and classy) 

(Black girls rock!!!!)

I'm still trying to catch my breath looking at such lovley and tastefully done pictures. I've surmised that while I love the creativity in this photoshoot, Free People should use more black models for their shoots and not until MLK day to do so. This photoshoot is proof that black women are just as sexy, diverse and feminine as everyone else. We live in a very diverse world and blonde doesn't go with everything, so why do companies continue to limit themsevles and bombard us with the same type of 
models? I doubt if I will ever get an answer, but what I do know is that now is the time for US to do our own photoshoots and stop waiting for others to represent us in our true forms. These pictures are lovely and I will continue to marvel over them for  months to come. Damn, if only they could have added a pretty dark skin girl to this shoot. Sigh** oh well,
one can only dream. For shopping and where to buy these clothes go to www.freepeople.com 

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