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  I confess that I'm obsessed with Rainbow moonstone. There's something special about this milky white stone with rainbow colors or a blue "flash" in it. Bohemians,Wiccans, Pegans, Spirtualists, Gypsies, Tarot Readers, healers and new agers alike seem to have an affenity for this pretty mystic stone. Let's dive into the world of moonstone shall we? 

  According to a few sources, Moonstone is found naturally in Australia, the Austrian Alps, Mexico, Madagascar, Burma, Norway, Poland, India, Sri Lanka,the United States and is currently the state gem for Florida. During ancient times the Romans believed that Moonstone was blessed with rays of the moon and attributed the stone to their Lunar Gods and Goddess. In France however, moonstone was made into several pieces of fine jewelry. Spiritualists believe moonstone is the embodiment of feminine energy, psychic powers, fertility, mysticism and mysteriousness. Many people wear moonstone jewelry, keep tumbled stones, beads or use moonstone pendulums in their personal lives for this very reason. I've seen Moonstone in countless shops, boutiques, at spiritual conventions etc because of it's beauty and the oohs and aahhs it inspires. So what does a moonstone actually look like (see above)? Moonstone comes in a variety of colors from milk white, blue, pink, to green. Rainbow Moonstone however, occurs when a rainbow or blue (sometimes light or dark blue) colored "flash" is found in the white stone. I've seen rainbow flashes in blue, pink and green Moonstone as well.

 Whether it's for fashion, spirituality or just plain fun moonstone is a cute stone that will get you plenty of complements. You can find a few moonstone and other gemstone pieces at www.junglechic.ecrater.com .The rings above are from Jungle Chic's store and has pendants, rings, loose pendant beads and bracelets, all at reasonable prices so check them out.

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