Who doesn't like the exoticness of Arabesque culture, the archetcture, the tile, the sea, the colorfulness, the spices, the music, belly dance and art? I do, so there's never a moment when I'm not looking to expand my wardorbe and knowledge of other cultures and try something new. So I came across the swimwear collection in a shape magazine that I read at the doctor's office (see swimwear photos above). My eye's were dazzling as I turned each page, the swimsuits and jewelry were just so cute and I knew that if I wore any of these looks that no one else on the beach would have them on. So here's the look, find a color paisley, beaded, gold, or colorful swimsuit and pair it with big gaudy statement jewelry, brush on a little shimmery bronzing powder to look sun kissed and voila, you've turned yourself into a tribal hot mama!!! 

   My Moroccan fantasy because even more complete when I saw an old Avon Mark catalog at the bottom on magazine stacks. Avon's Marrakesh collection made me want to scream (guess the nurses wouldn't have taken to kindly to that), the earthy shadows, the pretty perfume bottle and the shimmer powder made me want to drop what i was doing and find my nearest Avon rep. Despite the fact that the Marrakesh collection has been out for awhile i'm sure you can still find some of the products here. The perfume smells like spicy vanilla and will perfect for the spring and summer, the eyeshadows are very soft and give you more of an earthy natural look that will complement just about any spring or summer outfit. I haven't tried the bronzing powder, so hopefully someone who has will reads this will drop me a comment and tell me about it. 

 I've decided that this spring and summer I will unleash my inner Nomad and travel the world to experience new and great things and I plan on taking my cyber readers along with me. Let's just hope I have enough room in my suitcase, tribal bangles and jewelry can be heavy. :)

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