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 So Lucky Magazine did an editorial called " Who Says You Can't Wear Color to The Office?" back in January of 2013 and it was sooo cutesy. The whole premise of this editoral is to show women ways to wear colors to in a professional atmosphere. For some odd reason, bright colors seem to get a back reputation here in America. How many times have you shifted through dull colors in stores looking for spring/summer brights? For me, I can tell you how I almost had a nervous breakdown because I couldn't find any bright nail polish at my local stores and had to go downtown to the nail outlets just to find neon polish (let's not even discuss the gas money i spent for some $1polish). My friends were complaining about not finding brightly colored dresses until they are well past season in a discount store. So what gives?

  I've been told by an educator that "studies shows that people don't trust people who wear bright colors". *yawn** we all know that the aversion to bright colors can be attributed to culture.  In places like Africa, Latin America, The Caribbean, Tropical Asia, Aboriginal Australia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Polynesian Island etc .. bright colors play an important part in fabrics, weddings, art, decor, architecture, performing arts, etc ..Hell some of the fruit and food are brightly colored in these countries!!! In many cultures bright colors aren't seen as a trend or something to go in and out of style, no.. bright colors are a part of life and don't indicate a person's character, but rather display a persons cultural pride or fashion sense. Let's not forget how well bright colors look on yellow, red brown, black and darker skin tones.

I honestly don't care what people think, I find bright colors to be sexy and I encourage all sisters to incorporate brights into their wardrobe (some of you already have). I remember an African woman who's seen me frequent the mall, pulled me aside and tell me that dark colors were pretty but bright colors complement my skin color, lift my spirits and change the energy that I was projecting. She went on to talk about African heritage and how important is was for Black Americans to expand out knowledge of ourselves beyond the Western world. I strongly agree, but tradional business attire and bright colors don't mix... until now. So let's take a look shall we? 

(her nails and that clutch!!)

(I'm feeling this)

(the skirt and the boots are calling me)

(neon green!!)

(she rocking it!!)

(vintage swag)

(watermelon chic)

(girl give me them shoes)

(I normally stay away from stripes but she killing it in this)

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                  So ladies what do you think? Would you wear bright colors to work? 

8 Responses to "When Black Girls Wear Bright Colors To Work"

  1. Adiaha Inem Says:

    I love colorful clothes! Shades of orange, yellow, red, blue, pink, purple, even gold. Black and neutral colors can be fun and pop out with some of the above colors mixed for a beautiful contrast. I think bright colors should be OK for work, as long as it's not too loud or flamboyant. Life is too short for bland colors LOL.

  2. Patricia Heath Says:

    i live in new york and people venture into brighter colors in the summer. but in the cold, dark dark dark. i think that's what's up with all those places you mentioned. they are warmer climates. plus if an office is considered serious or conservative, they frown upon brighter colors and just about everything else. i always thought that was stupid.

  3. Mango Lindo Says:

    lol. yes Patricia they are indeed warm places, but i can rock a bright red coat in the snow lol. The issue for me is when one groups culture gets to tell everyone else what's acceptable and what's normal or what people should be wearing. I think many of us are tired of putting aside our cultural desires to suit a mainstream culture that doesn't respect us.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Great article

  5. Mango Lindo Says:

    Thank you friend. :) I post good stuff all the time so please come back me out sometime.

  6. Mango Lindo Says:

    Lol agreed. :)

  7. Mango Lindo Says:

    Yea, but just imagine a neon green sweater or boots in the snow. Lol

  8. ak Says:

    It just plain ol' comes down to skin tone. Whites look better in neutrals and they look better in black which is why when Coco Chanel was alive and much younger she always promoted the dressing in black for women or dressing in beige and black and came up with the 'little black dress' and a lot of French women still like dressing in mostly beige or black especially in Paris. But Coco ?Chanel was a white woman with a white women audience working in a very white country at the time called France so of course she would promote dressing in subdued neutrals and in black because it really suited her and her target audience. But black people just look better in brights overall and should try to incorporate them somehow in work clothes a lot more.

    Very dark skinned black people shouldn't wear a lot of black clothes with no other color breaking up their all black outfits especially if they are going somewhere to be photographed because if you're going to a place where the room is dark, with dark decor or outside in the nighttime you will be invisible. So a lot of blacks need to reconsider dressing in color.

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