With Spring being 22 days away I started looking through editorials (for spring) when I ran across a lovely spread by Lurve Magazine featuring the beautiful Sedene Blake. When I think of spring I think of soft colors, blooming flowers, feminine motifs and delicate floral fragrances. This look reminds me of a cloudy day in Paris. 
Let's be honest, Sedene has a very beautiful creamy complexion and since we can't ask her about her regeme we will have to guess. Aside from a diet rich in fruits and veggies,  exfoliation and moisture are the key when working towards smooth skin. I recommend using a sugar or salt body scrub, exfoliating body wash, or body peel and using coconut oil, shea or coco butter to moisturize. Last but not least, you can't forget hair, skin and nail vitamins, drinking plenty of water, exercise and getting at least 8 hours of sleep. *trust me you're worth it*
Since spring is a season of renewal, I've decided to create a "Spring Challenge" since we have 22 days left before it gets here.  I will posting an array of new ideas and products that will help us transition into better people. 
Hopefully many of you will join me on my journey to newness. I plan on bring spring in with a new hair style, new fragrances, clear smooth skin and a positive approach to life (yes mental wellness is also important. So ladies what plans do you have for spring? 

The skirt

this looks so Parisianne
business chic
jewels under a sheer top. Love it!!!!!

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