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     I got a thing for manicures hand. Nothing complements your outfit and jewelry better then well groomed hands.Ever after having a manicure your hands can still be dry, rough or lack luster and need to be tended to. Aside from my manicure obsession, I also have a thing for keeping my hands soft. I enjoy receiving complement after complement about the softness of my hands. After all hands are used for shaking, holding babies, rubbing shoulders,trying on fabulous jewelry etc..so why not keep them soft and smooth? The other day someone asked me about my secret to soft hands and to make a tutorial. So as promised, here it goes.


Here's what you will need. salt, coconut oil and a cream/foam cleanser
Rub the  coconut oil all over your (clean) hands and let it sit for a min
add salt to your hands and rub your hands together vigorously  
make sure to scrub your palms, in between fingers, wrists and nails
now add the cream cleanser( in my case foam)
Spread it evenly and hands and wrists let it sit a min
 now rinse
rinse with luke warm water

use a towel to pat dry your hands 
Voila your done.
My hands up close. they feel so soft and smooth. * no hand cream needed 
Now it's time for a manicure. I use P&E vitamin e polish as my base,  Sations nail polish in Miss Garnet 106 and Nabi nail lacquer no.2 Glossy as my top coat for s
uper shine.

Put on some jewelry
And I'm done.

  So here's my secret so soft smooth hands. Ladies give it a try and tell me if it worked for you. 

 Did you know that you can use this same method for your face and body? For your face, put the coconut oil on let it sit for a minute, scrub your face gently in a circular motion and then add the cleanser for your skin type.for dry skin like mine use a cream, for  oily and combo use a gel or your every day cleanser. Rise your face with a luke warm towel and the moisturize .
For your body, I recommend you stand in the shower. Rub coconut oil all lover your body, place the salt on a thin coarse towel and begin to scrub yourself with it. Take your favorite creamy body wash or 
soapy towel and go over your entire body with it. Turn on the shower to luke warm rinse and when you get out moisturize your body with your favorite lotion or body oil. 
I've been going myself this treatment since I was a teenager and to this day it still works for me. Ladies please tell me if it works for you and how your skin feels afterwards.I promise that both you and your significant other will love the feeling of your skin.
 So ladies, what beauty ritual do you swear by? Please let me know in the comment box.

3 Responses to "How to get super soft hands"

  1. Patricia Heath Says:

    This sounds good. definitely going to give it a try.

  2. CaronneP Says:

    Mango, does it hurt when scrubbing w/the salt? Also do you do wash dishes on a regular?

  3. Mango Lindo Says:

    No caronne, it doesn't hurt because your hands are wet and you have coconut oil on them :). Yes I wash dishes a lot too, but I run the water hot and let the dishes soak, once the water get warm I scrub and rinse so that my hand won't dry out. There's palm olive dish soap with olay in it and it's to soften hands.

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