(I love everything about this look)
I recently posted a tutorial on how to get soft hands and the importance of having well groom nails.In my opinion well groomed nails just make your outfit look 100x better and it' gives you a more polished look. I ran across this accessories  editorial in Harper's Bazaar the other day and it just confirmed what i've been saying about manicured hands. I love the big rings shoes and cutesy clutches etc but these looks are complement by the model's pretty hands. Surely one can"t step out in such opulence with rough, dry and chipped nails. Even if you can't afford a manicure, do your nails yourself, it's fun.
Take a look for yourself and tell me what you think.
(I can imagine Rocking this in Miami) 
(spring time flirty)
(there's no nails in this picture but it was apart of the editorial and fabulous none the less) 

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