Everyone knows that when it comes to style and art the Italians got the game on lock. Historically, Italians have always been big on detail, quality, elegance and innovation. So it comes as no surprise when Italian Vouge Magazine came out with an all black edition called " The Black Allure".The modeling and fashion industry has done alot to keep black models from really gaining a foothold in the business by not taking black women serious, denying the existence of black beauty or using the fallacy that someone black models can't sell fashion. There's an prejudices against black designers and black clothing lines. Italian Vogue however, decided to go against the grain to not only make one black issue, but they made four!!! The black edition was so successful that Vogue sold out and now you can only find them on ebay for $1,000 usd. 

The Black Allure editorial is a combination of the flapper 20s with a dash of the 30s jazz era. I'm madly in love with the feminine jewels, the embellished gowns and of course the sultry and sexy black models that are reminiscent of the Harlem Renaissance era. There's something about the editorial that captures a rarely seen depiction of black women; strong, confident, feminine, mysterious and elegant. Despite American's portrayal of black women, Italy not only captured the epitome of the dark Goddess but a rare glimpse of the beauty the world has purposely ignored. As they always say " when in Rome do as the Romans", well I plan to do just that and continue to uphold black beauty despite what others may do or say.

(reminds of me of Grace Jones) 
(soft and sultry)
(so bad azz. I would love this to be a poster on my wall) 
(sh'es working it and her body is curvy)

stay tuned for part 2 of this fabulous of editorial.

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