Nigerian Spessarite Garnet

It's no secret that several gemstones come from Africa. Diamonds, Citrine, & Tanzanite usually come to mind, but there are plenty of African gemstones that the average person has never heard of. Being a woman of the Sciences and often times a mystic, I come across an array of stones that most people have never even seen before. I was reading an article on W Magazine and ran across the Nigerian Spessartite Garnet and realized that I've never heard of.  Since orange is one of my favorite colors,  I begin to obsess over the Garnet because I want to find it in a bracelet. I ran across a site that classified it understand the heading "African Gems". I was so impressed with array of beautiful and odd looking stones that I decided to gather a few pictures to share with everyone. 
Spessarite Garnet. The color is so pretty
Chrysocolla from the Congo. This looks like a Topographic Map, it's so lovely.
Bloodstone from the Congo. There's a Black 70's Funk band named Bloodstone, I wonder if there's a connection. :)
Malachite from the Congo
Azurite from the Congo
Azurite and Malachite sometimes comes together in nature. It's so pretty.
African Jasper sometimes called African Turquoise.
Raw watermelon Tourmaline from Nigeria.
Another Tourmaline from South Africa
Tourmaline  from South Africa.
one of my favorites. Apatite from Madagascar.
a stone that I introduced to my Fiancee,  Prehenite found in South Africa.

These are just a few of the lovely gemstones found in Africa. Every time I see them I can't help  but feel proud that my ancestors came from a place that produces such lovely rocks. Growing up in Los Angeles, our school system never taught up about all the wonderful wonders of Africa. So I make it my business to not only learn, but to pass on what I've learned to others because I feel as though we're always taught about Europe, as if it's the only place in world. Looking at these gemstones also incited a desire in me to learn not only about these rare stones, but about the places they came from and the cultures that live there.  I feel like an explorer and I'm ready to discover. 
My question to you (yes you the reader) is have you ever heard of any of these stones? Which ones do you like? Would you wear any of them? Uh oh... that was three questions. 

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