Love the berry and the golden tan shorts

Uggs did an editorial last winter in New Orleans that was not only girly, feminine and cute but the looks can be worn both in spring and summer. The model's free whimsical spirit, soft jewel toned makeup and semi tamed coils made me want to go shopping and get ready for the new season.  Neutrals seem to be the big thing for spring, I personally like bright colors but as of late I've seen quite a few pieces that I would love to add to my wardrobe. I do like the way that neutral bring out a person's complexion (mine is similar to the models) and can be used to highlight shoes, bags, jewelry, makeup or a new hair color. With neutrals you're able to control what it is that you want to accent, you can go from professional to flirty in a matter of seconds. Since spring is a time of growth I plan on stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new. I'm obsessed with Taupe and mixing it with chunky jewelry and cherry lip balm. 
Alright Spring, I'm ready so bring it on. 

you can't go wrong with denim and a turtleneck

I love the colors; feminine and flirty

Tomboy chic

Soft yellow and taupe; a combo I never thought to try

I'm not into plaid but this looks cute on her

The screams "modern Southern Belle"

Badazz!!! I need that hat

I can't get enough of this editorial, if I had a daughter I would love to see her wear some of these looks. I love the softness and inoccence of the styles, they make the model look like a southern sweetheart. ladies, would any of you wear these styles?  

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