She working it!!!

It's no secret, we all know that bright colors look good on black and brown girls. Bright colors are festive, they light up a room, they make your skin glow, they're youthful, fun and overall seem to brighten up your day. Well Essence Magazine did a cute colorful editorial featuring model Sessilee Lopez wearing soft colorful clothes that can be worn in the office, for an early dinner, a conservative date, going to brunch, hanging out with friends or just overall day wear. I'm madly in love with the purple suit, it's feminine, it's flirty, it's professional and it can be worn during different seasons. I can't say that this is one of my top favorite editorials, but it's mighty purity.  Ladies what do you think? Would you wear any of these looks?
That color and her pumps!!!!
I'm not a purple fan but with this outfit I might have to reconsider 
This dress could have been a tad bit longer. loving the color combo though
I'm taking a "back seat" on this one. 
She better werk (minus the shoes)!!!!!
That's just cute. 

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