Warrior Spirit

 I hate colorism. It's like a disease; a nasty festering sore that over takes the body and affects the mind.  what's really disgusting that the bullshit lie that somehow dark skin Black women are somehow less attractive, feminine and desirable as other women. Countless articles, bullshit statistics, anti black media and propaganda work full fucking time (and overtime) to maintain this bullshit. There are many forces at work, misogyny, racism, sexism classism etc that exists to keep black women in psychological and emotional bondage, well not on my watch. I plan on fighting colorism every step of the way. 
  Despite my own issues growing up light skin, I've never denied the hurt, pain, humiliation and abuse so many of my darker skin sisters have faced. It pains me deeply to know that so many dark skin women and girls have internalized this poison, day in and day out they have to endure things that I can only imagine. I've read countless threads and have spoken to countless women (some in my family) who had such horrific experiences that I felt compelled to do something for the benefit of dark skin women. 
 When I started this blog, I wanted to create a place for Black women that was different from the norm. I didn't want a blog that just bashed black men, harp on negative stuff or argue and debate about the celebrity gossip. No, I wanted a blog that would help heal, uplift and inspire black women (hell all women) to do great things and nurture new ideas. 
In the mist of the erasing Black women in media and in fashion, I decided to put together a collage of pretty photos and while I was doing it realized a few things. 

1) Dark skin is unique 
2) Dark skin is very distinctive and goes great with just about any color
3) The mother of humanity was a dark skin woman.
4) Dark skin wrinkles less and stays looking younger much long (so jealous)
5) As black people to disrespect dark skin is a disrespect to ALL OF US since we All came from dark skin people.
6) Dark skin is sexy 
7) I love all my dark sisters. 

Check out my collage and tell me what you think

*Cheers to all you lovely chocolate ladies

vintage glam

Her body is banging.. Hourglass anyone?


Love the dress and the color on her skin 


Black women are Goddess'