I'm in love with this color.

Every summer, I break out with neon colors for my hands and feet. This summer however, I wanted to do something different. My mother brought home O.P.I 's "Every Month is Oktoberfest" from it's Germany collection and I flipped. The best way to describe this color is blackened plum with a hint of red glitter. Since my skin tone is light brown, i was concerned that this color would be too dark for me. Boy was I wrong!!! The color went on smooth and ended up making my hands look soft a feminine with a Gothic twist. Oktoberfest looks good with both gold and silver Jewelry, it functions almost as neutral because it's not over powering and it and complements just about any outfit. I was so impressed with Oktoberfest that I plan on checking out O.P.I 's complete Germany collection. So what say you, do you like Oktoberfest? Would you wear it? If so what would you wear it with?

*For my tutorial on how to get soft manicure ready hands click here. The geode ring that I'm wearing can be found at Jungle Chic. they're Facebook page can be found here.
At a different angle the polish looks like a blacken purple.
I just love this color,
This color goes good with with many outfits.

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