I love bold gold jewelry with denim.

      Looking at this editorial done by Marie Claire Magazine called "Jean Streets" left me feeling both amazed and disgusted at the same time. For one, I think beautiful Latina model Daniela Braga did her thing and made the clothes and overall style of this photo shoot look amazing. She has a sexy tomboy vibe with a bad girl swag with a dash of feminine Latina spice. My gripe isn't with her, my gripe however, is with the designers and stylist of this particular photo shoot. I'm not pleased with seeing cornrows and "Urban" street style being featured without the presence of a Black American model. Over and over again I see style that our society deems " Black" being appropriated and placed upon non-black people. Looks that mainstream America would consider "ghetto" are somehow acceptable and fashionable when worn by everyone else. 
My Mother use to tell me how back in the day, black women were degraded for having big ass and full lips, yet when Angelina Jolie stepped on the scene big lips became the thing and suddenly beautiful. The same can be said about big ass', we were degraded for having a big ass, yet when J-Lo came out then suddenly having a big ass was seen as normal, feminine and sexy. What really pissed me off the most was when Black hair when worn natural, was seen as unprofessional, ugly, rebellious and unattractive, then Bo Derek came along with cornrows and ended up getting a million dollar contract with a perfume company (not to mention other endorsements) and to add insult to injury the media named cornrows as " The Bo Derek" look!!!! (gag*) So I guess our ancestors had nothing to do with the creation of numerous braided styles, including cornrows and it was actually Bo Derek who actually created the look. *massive side-eye*
There is in fact a double standard in all of this. When a Black woman manages to straighten, perm, dye her hair people are quick to accuse her of self-hate and wanting to be white. I've seen black girls put on bindi dots and get dirty looks from Indian women, yet we see plenty of Bollywood movies where they are dancing to hip-hop inspired music with hip-hop inspired dances. I've seen Black women being called fake for wearing weave while other women get implants, butt and lip injections, Botox, liposuction, laser surgery, teeth whitening, curly perms etc etc and no one says anything. So I guess as Black women our job is to create style for everyone else to copy and never borrow from anyone else. We're suppose to be the mammies of the world who exist to cater to the everyone else's needs and desires while we put ourselves on hold..... I THINK NOT!!!!! 
We are suppose to sit idle while we get called ghetto for wearing bamboo earrings while designers use them as "fashion" on the runways and musicians make use of our style?  Miley gets to tweak and be called hip and rewarded for "coming into her own sexuality", while we get called sluts for doing dances that our foremothers did since the beginning of time (genetic memory anyone) that nothing to do with just sex, but rather the passage into womanhood and a connection to our spirituality. I've seen this happen to international Black women as well, from Samba of Brazil to Reggaeton, Jamaican Dancehall etc etc. the non Black women gets to pushed to the forefront while the originators are forced in the back and made invisible.Should we remain quiet and allow ourselves to be erased from the the dances, music, style and other elements from our culture both past and present that we've created? I THINK NOT!!! 
I've come to the conclusion that in order for us to remedy this situation, we need to create our own forms of media and control our own images. With the power to create and shape our own images we will get to control the way in which the world sees us. Gone are the days that people can steal from us and claim it as their own, once we have complete power over ourselves. When it comes to political and financial power, as a collective whole we don't have that and we don't have all the proper resources to compete on a global level just yet. We can however, start small and work our way to the top. I'm so glad that there are many Black bloggers, fashionistas, youtube mavens and models all doing their thing to represent us because for far to long we've always had to rely upon someone else to give us representation. This representation has always been done at the expense of making us look bad, depicting us in a negative light, downplaying our beauty and reiterating stereotypes. We as black women, now have a platform and the ability to start the process of uplifting our image via social media, blogging, youtube, etc. The time is now and we need to seize the moment, not just for ourselves, but for our daughters, nieces, grand daughters, sisters, cousins, aunts, mothers and grandmothers and the young women coming up behind us who are impressionable.
 Sometimes in life you just can't tell people, you actually have to show them. I plan to do just that.

I love this outfit but would ditch the purse.

The jewelry and the nails!!!!
love the nails and the jewelry 
not impressed with this one.
If the cut of the suit was tighter then i'd say this is a go for the office.
love it!!!!!
If this was a bodysuit I'd wear this on a date. 

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