Calendula are my favorite flower and I've been going many varieties over the years. This year, I've decided to give Zeolights a try. I brought a pack from Botanical Interests because the artwork on the cover was so beautiful. I'd never heard of Zeolights and didn't know what to expect. 
After 30 days the blooms started to sprout and the colors were fantastic.!! The blooms change color in the morning from a bright salmon peach to a yellow peach in the afternoon by night the blooms close. I haven't seen any pollinators on them yet, but hopefully as spring progresses I will see some.  

Planting instructions. 
soil depth 1/4 or 1/2 inch in the soil
Moderate water 
Full sun
Days to germinate 10-14
Days to bloom 30
Continue to cut dying blooms and Calendula will produce more flowers. 
 If you want seeds let the dead blooms remain until the flower buds turn to seed. 

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