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The Primative Terrian; Futuristic Meets Tribal

I've seen lots of editorals, hundreds of models, endless amounts of jewelry, unfathomable of makeup  looks and clothes but nothing,  I mean nothing can compare to this one. Ouch Magazine has really out done itself with this photoshoot. I can honestly say that to me, this has got to be the best I've seen so far. The whole artistic content of this look, is beyond genius and must have tak

Black Beauty; Afro-Brazilian Style | Ana Bela Santos In “Estação Caliente” By Fabio Bartelt | For Elle Brasil Magazine

I don't know what's more beautiful; the model's skin and features or the fabulously colorful clothes. Ok I'm speechless, months back I swore that my favorite editorial was called  "The Primitive Terrain"  and then I stumbled upon this. Elle Brasil created a look that's so spectacular that I have no words. When I look at the model Ana Bela Sa

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