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Black Beauty; Afro-Brazilian Style | Ana Bela Santos In “Estação Caliente” By Fabio Bartelt | For Elle Brasil Magazine

I don't know what's more beautiful; the model's skin and features or the fabulously colorful clothes.

Ok I'm speechless, months back I swore that my favorite editorial was called "The Primitive Terrain" and then I stumbled upon this. Elle Brasil created a look that's so spectacular that I have no words. When I look at the model Ana Bela Santos, I realized a few things; Black women are beautiful, brown and dark skin is sexy as hell and we need to see more images like these representing us, the way other women get represented. Ana's skin, eyes, lips, features and swag made the clothes, colors and jewelry pop like a rouge firecracker.!!!! Ana you killed it girl!!!
When its all said and done this is my favorite editorial, I doubt anything can top this. Well, I did say that about the other editorial. :)  Ok, enough talking. Check Ana out.

Her eye makeup though.

She's the epitome of black beauty.
love it!!! I would rock this.

girl give me thoese heels!!! 


Killing it!!!

Feminine and flirty, perfect for spring.

Her whole look is so bad zzz!!!

So ladies, which look is your favorite?


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