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The Primative Terrian; Futuristic Meets Tribal

I've seen lots of editorals, hundreds of models, endless amounts of jewelry, unfathomable of makeup  looks and clothes but nothing,  I mean nothing can compare to this one. Ouch Magazine has really out done itself with this photoshoot. I can honestly say that to me, this has got to be the best I've seen so far. The whole artistic content of this look, is beyond genius and must have taken some truly talented people to put it together. The look juxtaposes primitive tribal style with a futuristic post apocalypse chic. The model is quite impressive as well, her look transcends many cultures, you can't tell if she's Hispanic, Asian, Pacific islander, Native American  (Eskimo) and that's what makes this look so awesome. Well, that and the peacock eyes, jewels, the feathers,furs, the large gaudy bohemian pieces, earth tones, Ethnic clothing and kick-ass terranean background. Ladies you be the judge, let's have a look.
 (who wouldn't want to wear this to a beach party?)

(fierce!!! loving that necklace)
(omg look at the mint nails/toes, the shell necklace and the fur cap)
(love it!!!) 
(my favorite picture, i love everything about this picture the peacock, the eyes, the jewels, and the cape) 
( she looks like a Native princess.. so pretty) 
(the colors blend so perfectly) 

So that completes the editorial (even though I wish it didn't end), ladies tell me what you think. What part of this editorial did you like?



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